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About us

Dollo 3D - Father and Son

father and son

We are 3D printing fanatics

We are the father and son team of Ben Engel (I) and Benjamin Engel (II)

About 5 years ago, we decided to try 3D printing. We had long been inspired by the vision of the reprap project, where the goal was to evolve more self replicating machines. Benjamin (the son), built a reprap i2 Prusa Mendel. And our household has never been the same since.

Since then, we have built a 2 more repraps and a filastruder and have helped friends build reprap printers. We particiate in our local Southern Utah Makerspace and really enjoy advocating for the 3D printer movement.

Evolving Reprap

Since commercial products have expoited the reprap movement, we were sad to see that printers are not being devloped for self replication any more. While this is great for people that want a consumer product that "just works", it also stunts the creative development of the reprap vision.

Why don't you 3D print a 3D printer?'

It seems that whenever we tell people, especially young people about 3D printing, they usually ask "Why don't you 3D print a 3D printer?". We then explain the reprap project. It then becomes painfully clear that we really need new evolution in self replication.

Startup Weekend! The picture above was taken of us at Startup Weekend in St. George, Utah where we started our dollo.org, a online community for creators to connect with designers and makers.

We are planning a kickstarter!

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Dollo, Co.
1588 W 1170 N
St. George, UT 84770


(435) 862-4116

Dollo 3D Features

What makes it unique

More Printable

The next step toward a completely self replicating machine.


Built with OpenSCAD so parametric designs can be improved upon.


Dollo 3D grows, as you see fit.

Open Source

Dollo 3D is completely Open Source. We hope the community builds upon it.

Three-dimensional printing is one of eight
technologies that are going to creatively
destroy how we do business.
Goldman Sachs


Latest news about Dollo 3D


Eddie Krassenstein must have done some digging because he found our scad files on github while we were still operating in silence. We were delighted to have him let the cat out of the bag.
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Preliminary testing

After the 3dprint.com article, we had a few people requesting video of it actually working.
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Dollo en Italiana

While googling Dollo 3D, I found that an italian website had picked up on the 3dprint.com artcle. Nice to know the news is getting translated. Thanks, redazione!
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Evolution is not reversible
Dollo's law of irreversibility

Meet our team

We are beautiful and smart

Dollo 3D OpenSCAD and Marlin Firmware
Open Source files are available for download

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